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I am a full time teacher and mom of three. I love love love my job working with kids and am always looking for ways to keep my students filled with excitement for learning!
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Classroom Management Freebie!

We love the clip chart!  I have had great success with using it.  The kids love the opportunity to be recognized for their positive behavior. 
Here is the tracking form that the kids have in their data folder.  They simply color the day the same color as where they ended on the clip chart.

Monday, September 24, 2012


So when I said I love science, I was not kidding!  I have some of my favs that I want to share.  One of my favorite units to teach in science is the sound unit.  After teaching the unit I love setting up this exploration station where the kids get to find out for themselves just how sound works!

Cup and String Telephone

Balloon Radio

Desktop Noises

Slinky Vibrations

Foil Ball

Friday, September 14, 2012

I LOVE Science!

So we are learning all about lifecycles in science this quarter.  We started with the lifecycle of the butterfly.  Well I had this genius idea that I was going to go hunting for some milkweed plants (which I had no idea what a milkweed plant looked like or where they grew).  I wanted to find a caterpillar to bring into my class to enhance the learning experience!  I came home from school and told my hubs that we were going to go out hunting that evening.  This is how the conversation went down:

Me:  We are going to go hunting tonight.
Hubs:  What are we hunting?
Me:  Milkweed plants with caterpillars on them.
Hubs:  Do you know what milkweed plants look like?
Me:  Nope.
Hubs:  Okay, do you know where they grow?
Me:  Nope.
Hubs:  Awesome, this should be fun.
Me:  I KNOW! 

So we did a little research before we went out and thought we had a good idea of where to go and what to look for.  We spent the next 30 minutes looking at every milkweed plant that we could find and no success.  I was starting to get bummed out.  We drove all around our town looking in every place we could think.  Finally the hubs asked if we could go home.  With a saddened face I said yes.  5 minutes from our house we saw some milkweed plants on the side of the road.  I begged for just one more try.  The hubs climbed through some pretty tall weeds and searched a ton of milkweed and finally he found one!  I was so excited!!
Here he is!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Lifelong Learner

So I have always asked that my students maintain a status of lifelong learner.  Now what kind of teacher would I be if I didn't lead by example, right?  Well, this is how I am leading.  I am beginning this blog.  I am totally new to the blogging world and have no idea what I am doing (which I am sure my students feel this way sometimes too).  I didn't even know that great blogs were out there until I found Pinterest.  So I hope that by creating this new project I can show my students that even teachers have a few things to learn!